This is a collection of links that we find useful.

Software Links

Here are links to some of the software we've been playing with lately.

fldigi / flmsg
D-Rats Download
Radio Mobile
RMS Express
Sound Modem TNC Ver 0.97b
Sound Modem Software
EasyPal Archive
Last updated: 2017-03-22

Georgia ARES

Georgia ARES database
Georgia ARES contact information and capabilities
Georgia ARES website
The official Georgia ARES website

Maps and Terrain Data

Fulton County Map Catalog
Maps of Fulton County, courtesy of the Fulton County Government website
Map of North Fulton County (PDF, 14 MB)
A map of North Fulton County as of Dec 2011, courtesy of the Fulton County Government website
ACME Mapper
Street, satellite, topo, and other maps
A tool for generating panoramic profiles, including viewshed overlays that indicate the line-of-sight coverage from a particular vantage point. We use this website to get an idea of the VHF coverage from various locations in our served area. The viewshed doesn't correspond exactly to the radio coverage area due to edge diffraction and other effects, but we find it useful to see where mountains, ridges, and other terrain features might occlude a signal path.