Repeater net control script (Last revision: 2016-01-19)

This is the script for the weekly North Fulton ARES net that meets on the 147.06 repeater at 8:30pm ET.

Last revision: 2016-01-19

Pre-net (five minutes before the net)

Is the frequency in use? This is (callsign) ________ .


This is (callsign) ________ . The North Fulton County ARES net will begin in approximately FIVE minutes.

(one minute before the net)

This is (callsign) ________ . The North Fulton County ARES net will begin in approximately ONE minute.

Preamble (at 8:30 pm local time)

CQ, CQ, CQ. This is (callsign) ________ , Net Control Operator for the North Fulton County Amateur Radio Emergency Service net. My name is (name) _______________ , and I am located in (city or locality) _______________ , Georgia. This net meets every Sunday evening at 8:30 pm local time for the purpose of planning, practicing and discussing the activities of the North Fulton County ARES.

Is an Alternate Net Control Station on frequency? (Acknowledge ANCS, or ask for volunteer if no answer. Allow the ANCS an opportunity to formally check-in at this time.)

Emergency traffic

Any emergency traffic will be handled with top priority during this net. I will now break for any emergency traffic --- emergency traffic only please call now.


(If there is no emergency traffic, say "Nothing heard" and continue)

If you need to pass emergency traffic at any time during this net, please notify Net Control and your traffic will be handled accordingly.

Net practices

This is a directed net. Please do not transmit unless called by Net Control. During the net, please direct all communications through Net Control, (callsign) ________ .

Please check out with Net Control if you should need to leave the net prior to closing.

This net is open to anyone who is licensed to operate on this repeater and is interested in amateur radio public service communications in North Fulton County. This net is affiliated with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service of the American Radio Relay League; however ARES membership is not required to check in.

Please remember that if this repeater is not operational at the time of the net, we will hold the net on the 145.470 repeater. Also note that this repeater and the 145.470 repeater both require a PL tone of 100 Hertz.

This is (callsign) ________ , Net Control Operator for the North Fulton County ARES net. All stations please standby.

(break for the repeater)


We will accept check-ins in order of ARES affiliation. All stations will have an opportunity to check in; however, please wait for the appropriate check-in group. We will begin with ARES or State Officers, NFARES AECs, then stations on EchoLink, then North Fulton County ARES members, then all other ARES members, and finally general check-ins.

When called for check-in, please say "This is", then unkey and listen. If you do not hear another station, continue your transmission providing:

  • your call sign, first alphabetically then again with international phonetics,
  • your name,
  • your location,
  • whether you have announcements or comments for the net,
  • whether you are running on backup or commercial power,
  • whether you are digitally capable.

Please check-in four at a time, allowing Net Control to recognize the stations that have checked in.

We will now take check-ins from ARES or State Officers. Please provide your title when checking in. ARES or State Officers only, please call now.


(As stations check in, recognize them in groups of four, keeping a log of the call signs and names. Make note of anyone who has an announcement or comment.)

We will now take check-ins from North Fulton ARES AECs. North Fulton ARES AECs only, please call now.


We will now take check-ins from stations on EchoLink. EchoLink stations only, please call now.


(Due to the nature of EchoLink connections, please allow sufficient time for the repeater carrier to drop. Only then will EchoLink stations be able to transmit.)

We will now take check-ins from North Fulton County ARES members. North Fulton County ARES members only, please call now.


We will now take check-ins from all ARES members. Please provide the county of your ARES membership when checking in. ARES members only, please call now.


And finally, we will now take general check-ins. If you have not yet checked in and wish to do so, please call now.


Announcements, discussion, and questions

This is (callsign) ________ , Net Control Operator for the North Fulton County ARES net.

(Recognize any stations that checked in with announcements or comments)

I will now turn the net over to the Alternate Net Control to go back through the check-in list for additional comments.

(callsign of ANCS _______) from (callsign of NCS ________). Over to you.

(Recognize any additional stations with announcements, discussion items, or questions; give them the opportunity to make their announcement; and facilitate any discussion or questions)

(The ANCS proceeds through the list of check-ins asking each person for any additional comments.)

(Suggested topics: new software programs, new radio modes, new radios / interfaces that have been tried.)

(At the end of the list, the ANCS passes control back to the NCS.)

(callsign of NCS _______) from (callsign of ANCS ________). Back to you.

(The NCS asks if anyone wants to comment on anything they’ve heard up until now.)

(Call on any stations that respond. Repeat as needed.)

Final check-ins

Before closing the net, are there any additional stations who would like to check in? If so, please call now.


(Log and recognize any late check-ins)


Thank you to everyone who participated in this evening's North Fulton County ARES net. North Fulton ARES thanks the North Fulton Amateur Radio League for maintaining their repeaters for public service communications.

This evening we had (check-in count) ________ check-ins, including myself.

The next scheduled net will be next Sunday (month/day) ________ at 8:30 pm.

This is (callsign) ________ , closing the net at (local time) ________ pm local time and returning the repeater to normal use.


After the net is over, please send a plain text (no attachment) e-mail to nfares (at) and to netmanager (at) with a list of the stations that checked in and the time the net was closed. This will allow us to make a report of our net and volunteer time.

Also send the net report to GEMA at wx4gma (at), the NFARES EC at k4ljg(at) and k4gk (at) . Emails going to addresses MUST have //WL2K R/ at the start of the subject line.