Call for Volunteers for Georgia Marathon on March 17

The Georgia Marathon is being held March 17. It travels from Centennial Olympic Park, out to Decatur, through the Emory and Georgia Tech Campuses and back to Centennial Olympic Park.

We need volunteers. Desperately. Last year was very warm and our volunteers were quite busy with calls for assistance from the race course. This year looks to be more of the same (since it is nearly 70 on the 6th of February (even though tomorrow may not reach 50)).

There are many locations around the route that may be near to your home or not as much of a drive as assisting with other special events near downtown. The finish line and course closes at 2:00 pm so that is the latest you will be engaged. While the race starts at 7:00, not all support locations will have to be staffed at race start.

Please email me or Michael Gaetner (michael.l.gaetner (at) gmail (dot) com) to sign up, Please express an opinion about where you'd like to be posted. The large scale Course map is available here. The numbers on the map are mile markers. Where you see a water droplet is the location of the support/hydration station where our operators will be positioned. In addition, we have a number of volunteers needed in or around Centennial Olympic Park, in Support Vehicles and elsewhere.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing you on race day.

EC South Fulton ARES