On-air Simplex Test with Local Hospitals

On Tuesday morning, March 5, NFARES activated the radio station installed at Northside Hospital to participate in an exercise with several other metro Atlanta hospitals.

Wayne KG5WU checked into a simplex net from Northside at 9am and then into a repeater net at 930am. Other hospitals participating in this test were Emory University Hospital, Emory Hospital Midtown, Grady Hospital, and Children's Hospital of Atlanta administrative offices. In addition, the Dekalb County EMA activated a station to join the net. By 10am the exercise was complete.

From the Northside location, every other station was heard on simplex. Some were scratchy but still readable. If voice traffic handling had been necessary, it could have been accomplished (maybe with a couple of retries). Digital comms likely would have had a 100% probability of success.

Mike AD4MC successfully contacted Grady Hospital on simplex from his home QTH and also made contact via repeater (on Stone Mountain). It's good to know that we can hit those other stations on simplex from Sandy Springs.

Since the purpose of the exercise was to see if a simplex communications link could be established between and among various metro Atlanta hospitals using a simplex frequency, the test can certainly be declared a success.