We are looking forward to providing communications for the 400 Hospitality Bike Ride, which we are certain will make the event better, and help event staff be more efficient. Be at your station, on frequency at least 30 minutes before the assignment. Remember we are only to provide radio communications, we are not managing the bike ride, therefore if you get questions from participates you cannot answer, request an answer from "NET CONTROL". Net control will have quick access to the event managers. Be polite and professional at all times. Remember you have two ears and one mouth, therefore you should listen much more than you talk.

We will be using the repeater on Sweat Mountain in Cobb County. Everyone should be able to reach it with a handy talkie, but if you want to use a radio with higher power, just to make sure, feel free. Remember the regulations say only as much power as needed.

We will be using the "primary" frequency 444.475 Mhz, Offset +5.0 Mhz, Tone 100 Hz. If "temporary" traffic needs to pass on an alternate frequency, that will be done on 2 Meters, 147.060 Mhz, +0.6 Mhz, Tone 100 Hz, but only after requesting this from "Net Control", and returning to the Primary frequency after the traffic is passed and checking in with "Net Control". DO NOT VIOLATE THIS PROTOCOL!

Items to bring should include, snacks, extra battery for radio, hat, sunscreen, water, sunglasses and an ear pieces for your radio if you have one. The ear piece keeps the communications private. Everybody does not need to know everything. If you have our official radioactive yellow vest and hat, don't forget to wear it.

Attached is the file showing the REST STOPS with the assignments, which I hope everyone can live with. If adjustments have to be made, please let me know as soon as possible and I will see if I can rearrange. I hope to keep this to a minimum, otherwise it will be like Chinese Checkers.

We will be using tactical call signs for the event (REST STOP #1, MOTORCYCLE #1), however please adhere to FCC regulations for personal call sign identification.

Our club has some preset frequencies that we call our "DEPLOYMENT FREQUENCIES", which I have also attached. It will be convenient if you have these programmed into your radio. It makes it much easier to refer to the tactical calls, in lieu of trying to remember all the frequencies. Note the PRIMARY frequency we are using is "NOT" on the DEPLOYMENT FREQUENCY CHART, because it is not OFFICIALLY one of our deployment frequencies. You will have to program this in as a separate frequency, and give it your own tactical name, maybe "NETCTR".

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